Great Icelandic chocolate.


We are on our way to the small town of Höfn on the south coast of Iceland. Kind of like driving through a fairytale….

Rise and shine

After sleeping 8 hours straight in the front seat of the car, we woke up to this…. Jökulasarlon that is.


Since we are in the middle of nowhere, we have found a perfect place to camp…. in the tiny gay car…. Think the view tomorrow morning will be spectacular….


We just stopped at the world’s most expensive Diner. 160 nok for a one-person pizza…. Welcome to Iceland. Did I mention that we are in the middle of nowhere…. Systrakaffi cafe in Kirkjubæjarklaustri…. Try saying that ten times in a row! :)

Road trip

Driving through Iceland. This nature is beyond….

Blue Lagoon

First day in Iceland…. Bathing at the Blue Lagoon…. Insane.


Made it. No applause. Now it’s time to get a good nights sleep at the salvation army’s guest house :)

Group travel

Still at Gardermoen…. It seems like the only ones on this plane is us, and a huge group of people from Nord-Trøndelag…. Most likely an accountant company on their bonus trip. Oh my fucking god…. Amazing.
We just placed a bet: Will they applaude the touch-down or not? I vote Yes, Mari is begging it not to happen….

On the way to iceland

First stage on the way to iceland: Gardermoen

Firewire Multicam

Mr. Carlsen is having fun with 200 meters of CAT-5 cable, 2 FireNEX boxes and Sony PD-100 cameras… The goal is to build a Firewire multicam rig… Right now it seem to be working. That is one cheap multicam rig.

Norway HATES Israel

According to the biggest Israeli newspaper,Yedioth Ahronoth, who is quoting a highly ranked source in the Israeli foreign department, Norway is the most anti-Israeli country in the world… I wonder why….
…via www.dagbladet.no


After I beat the rest of the “Hilsen Norge” crew in Go-Cart, we are now eating at the new YaYas restaurant at Majorstua. Great thai food.

The Winner

Two heats…. One winne to rule them all…. Happy now…. :)


We’re at Harald Huysman driving Go-Carts…. Guess who is in the lead…. :)