Posted on 20. Oct 2006 by Marius Arnesen

Bjørn is watching some braindead tv series from the United States of Fat People.

Today we once again did the downwinder from Cumbuco to Paracuru…. 4 hours straight. Some of the best waves I have ever kited in…. It is impossible to describe the feeling, surfing toeside down a big wave, looking back over your shoulder seeing the tracks from your boards cutting through the big wave rising behind you, hoping there is enough water left before the beach, and that you have positioned your kite so that it will be able to pull you away from the beachbreak…. Heavenlike.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, a shitload of seals and big curious turtles suddenly appeared…. The seals being BIGGER than me…. I very seldom think I am going to suffer from stroke caused by fear when kiting, but when the first Seal appeared 5 meters from my board today, I was pretty certain I would. 2 meter long Seals, coming to the surface to breath, makes a hell of a noise… Intimidating, but luckily, not very dangerous…..

As the lagoonas get more and more crowded, we are riding more and more waves…. Enjoying every second of it.
Waves are the new flatwater :)

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