I just got a diploma for being NOT angry…. Lucky me.

Christmas table

Nico is welcoming us to our christmas party with the obscure art of eurythmi… Bizarre. 😉

Christmas is coming

Christmas is closing in…

Trying to get a MacBook Pro

After using computers for the last 22 years, I decided to try out an Apple Macintosh for the first time. After waiting a while, Apple finnaly released the MacBook Pro with Intel Duo processor… I decided to order! So far so good! :)

All the computers I have used for the last years, have been at my desk 1 week after I ordered them. 1 week is more than enough time, waiting for a computer.

This Mac is ordered from Officeline in Oslo. After several mails and phonecalls it turns out these guys are doing their best. It all comes down to the one Apple factory in Shanghai that produces all the Macs for the European and Asian marked (all this regarding to the folks at Officeline). It turns out that Apple is having trouble getting hold of enough 2 GB memory chips (or 160 GB hard-disks, nobody seems to know).

As a PC user for 22 years (DELL, IBM, Compaq, UNameIt) this just isn’t good enough…


Do you really want me to buy a DELL computer instead???

I’ll keep you updated on how this story ends… (That goes for you as well Steve!!!)


Something is wrong…. The sun is shining in Oslo today.:)

Over for this time

Hardangervidda was closed today due to strong wind and zero visibility, so now we are returning to Oslo a little bit earlier than planned. We will return 😉


Opening night at Recepten. The season has officially started.

Brilliant advertising

This is some of the best advertising I have ever seen in a presidential campaign… I wonder if it is real…

Bjørn Fuglem, on Life, The Universe and Kiting in Rain

Today was as the picture in my last post shows, NOT a very good day for snowkiting. Bjørn Fuglem comments on this tragic day…

Kite mayhem

Today sucks…. Rain. Strong wind. Zero visibility.

Lille blå

We where planning for a slack night at Haugastøl…. Somehow we ended up at Lille BlÃ¥ :)

First day of SnowKiting this season


This is by far the best first-season day I have ever had on snow. The wind was a little bit variable, but always enough for my 12 m Naish Torch II. Sunny, Blue skies, powder… Watch the video, and you will get the idea 😉


First day. Looking very good.

Nature gone wrong

Came across this strange sight the other day…. We’re in the middle of november in Norway, and the normal would be snow and twenty degrees below… Instead the trees are blossoming…. Something is really wrong.

Norwegian gay community

On our way to Haugastøl for the first time this season. For some odd reason I ended up riding in the back seat…. At this very moment Bjørn, who is in charge of the music, turned gay…. After listening to decent music for a while, he now decided to put on some Bjørn EidsvÃ¥g, or something very similar…. Pan flutes for fuck sake… PAN FLUTES!!! Now both the driver and his wingman is “singing” along….. This might just be the longest journey to Haugastøl ever…..