Are you looking at me?

New year at Haugastøl

Today is New Years Eve…. We have had a great day in the mountains with great snow, sun, stabil wind, and lots of quality kiting. Tonight it’s party time :)


Mari helping out in the kitchen at Haugastøl.

Nail gun

Helping Stian with mounting his fridge…. The picture however has nothing to do with the fridge, it’s just me testing a Nail Gun :)


Baard Marstrand is having Vorspiel in his nice apartment. Soon we will make Trondheim city unsafe…..

Et fett och socker tils du spyr

After days and days of eating and drinking and eating and drinking even more…

I am out exercising… Taking a picture of Byneset while having a well deserved break. :)

St Clause

Things to do. Places to be. Children to scare….


Flowers and candles at the graveyard.

Same procedure as last year, same procedure as every year… :)

Time to Travel!!!

Today “SAS Julekalender” are offering ALL the destinations that have been in the calender during Desember, this means you can really do a bargain on flying, if you book the tickets today, escpecially on the long distances…. :)


Merry Christmas

Chrtistmas eve is over us….

Merry Christmas. God Jul!!! :)

Kari Schibevaag – “Olden Boble” photo shoot

Last weekend at Hardangervidda, I shot some photos of Kari Schibevaag, who needed some pictures for her sponsor Olden Boble.

Using a flash in the beautiful sun on Hardangervidda this early a year is a killer :)

Pretty happy with the result :)

Christmas tradition

Mrs. Aasnes and I are visiting Bernt and Vibeke.

Byneset at Christmas

Visiting Stian and Linn in their new House! :)

Democracy player and TVRSS.net

Democracy player has been around for a while and everyone seem to like it…

There are several predefined channels in the player, and some of the content is OK…

But face it… This piece of software doesn’t really get interesting until you pair it up with feeds from TVRSS.net.

TVRSS.net is a webpage where you search for torrents for TV Series, and can get an RSS feed with the output of your search. This meaning that you can actually set up a Democracy channel that will be updated when a new episode of your favorite TV program is ready as a torrent.


Get Democracy player and a RSS feed for your favorite TV program.


Next mission of the day. Picking up Ståles new washing machine at Elkjøp…. While Ståle is waiting in line, I have found a free spot in a sofa…. The downside is that the same goes for two VERY hyperactive kids….