Christmas IKEA

Stian is buying even more stash for the house. I am the destinated driver :)


Photoshop CS3 Public BETA is here.

I had to check out some of the new features in Photoshop CS3 BETA… Have been playing with both “Align Layers” and “Blend Layers”, but one of the “stranges” new features is the “Zoomify” feature. The example above shows a really quick combination of two pictures, using the new “Align and Blend Layer”. Finally I have exported the image with the “Zoomify” feature.

The “Zoomify” is a export option where you can export “Google Maps like” zoomable bitmaps…. meaning you can have one gargantuan BitMap picture, and allow people to zoom in it, pretty much like what google does on their Google Maps.

There are of course plenty of other new stuff in CS3 and I really can’t wait to play around with it.

New overlays in Google Earth

Just discovered that 3 new very cool overlays has appeared in Google Earth by default. The feature is names “Geographic Web”. I love this new way of browsing the web on a map. This is also the idea behing MyWorld here on HappyGoLucky :)

1. Wikipedia

Information about places, buildings and areas from

2. Panoramio

User contributed pictures that are placed anywhere in Google Earth.

3. Best of Google Earth community

Information about places, buildings and areas from Google Earth Community.

Tested a little bit on the Panoramio service. Free to register, Free to upload picture. You will find the picture I uploaded a little north of Krøderen…

Or just click on this link:

Flying Norwegian during Christmas

This year I was stupid enough to end up buying tickets from “Norwegian Air Shuttle”.


The que from HELL, 200 NOK in overweight, the worst service minded check in staff EVER. Top that experience with the security MAYHEM at the rest of Gardemoen airport, and you’ve got yourself a perfect day of flying.


While we are at it:

Look what the bold motherfuckers are putting on now! With all other airline companies, you take it for granted that when you have corresponding flights, you can check in both yourself and your baggage ALL THE WAY to you final destination!!!


The ad saying that Norwegian is now offering this new service for their customers: For a “small” fee you get checked in all the way to your final destination!!!


For FUCK SAKE!!!! This is crap!! All other Airliners offer this for free… Why the HELL would anyone pay a FEE for something that obviously should, and IS free with all other companies???

Dons as a gay icon

Today the Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet” has a presentation over who the gay community in Norway think is the best looking straight man… Kite-guru, weather-presenter and Svermer, Christopher Dons, finishes second best.

The HappyGoLucky crew sends our warmest congratulations!!

Read more about the poll here:

Christmasparty with a twist

Bjørn, Geir, Yvonne and Mari chillin in the sofa.

…and what a day it was….

After some waiting the wind came :) 15 m/s… Powder and blue skies. Go big, or go home…. :)

Indo board

Last night at Haugastøls famous “Nr 28″, someone decided to try the Indo Board for the first time…. At 3 o’clock at night, with a little bit to much to drink, this is not nessecarilly the smartest thing to do. This is the result…. Doctors might describe this as an “Dislocated elbow.” (Modern: Slapp av, den er ikke min.)

Powder alert

Since Hardangervidda is closed due to heavy storm, we are skiing at Geilo in serious amount of powder. Mr. Hallsteinsgård is our local guide….. I am happy to be alive after some wild runs trough the forest…. (Picture by mr. Kaupang)


Finally… Finally… Finally!!! I have received my BRAND NEW MACBOOK PRO!!

It took 7 weeks from I ordered it, and still it is not the one i ordered, but who the hell cares… NOW IT IS HERE!!

This will be very interesting days!!

Fist of all of course… Windows XP with parallels…

New Record

A bizarre record it is, but 40 nok in the cafeteria at NRK must qualify for the Guinnes Book of World Records.:)

Tasty thai

New thai restaurant in Oslo. Very very good food.

Green Christmas

Green grass and green trees…. I bet this will be a green christmas….

New feature on Happy

I have developed a new feature for HappyGoLucky. Lately I have been working alot with Google Maps, and I find the whole system VERY fascinating…

On some posts you will now find a GoogleMaps icon attached. By clicking that icon a map will display where the post was written. :) (So now you can really track me down)

Google maps logo

I addition you will find a new link on the navigation bar on the top of the page. MYWORLD. This link will take you to a new page, where you will find all the posts with geo-codes as red markers. Putting the cursor over the markers will display the blog post on the right side… 😉

This service is in kind of a BETA state, so please give some feedback if it doesn’t work or if you have ideas on how it can be improved.

Seminar Holmsbu: Day 2

This is Holmsbu Spa and Conference center… Last night turned into a very late one, with both red wine and White Russian…


That kind of resulted in a slow start today…

Nevertheless… Today’s agenda is strategy and economics for the division…

Even if 10 African striptease dancers suddenly appeared on stage, this would still be extremely boring…