Kari is signing autographs and being photographed. I get to take a break…. :)

Mickey Grinderud

Kjetil the entertainer…. :)

Digital island

In this pretty chaotic Quantel-world, I am a digital Island. My Panasonic HVX-200 with the Focus FS-100 Hard Disk drive and my Mac with Final Cut Pro, have been working flawless for the whole week.

Beautiful workflow it is. :)

(I had an extremely-close-to-heart-attack-experience the first day here, when I thought that I had done all my recordings with only 3,6 MBit/s. It turns out Final Cut, for some stupid reason, displays all DV files as if they where shot with this data rate…. while the real data rate is 30 Mbit/S)

Me first and the gimme gimmes

Finally some time off, and a chance to enjoy some music.


Today we have been visiting Smalahove tunet. Now, Kari is being photographed by a Danish journalist, while I get to take a break.

Green t-shirts

We have been given green “Veko” t-shirts with “NRK Sport” printed on the back. Ten of a kind….

It’s all work

Kari packing her parachute, while I get to make a time lap.


We are watching the ski competition at Vikafjellet.

River wild

Insane amount of water in the rivers over here…. Guess it will be a great week in Voss.

Munken Kro

Same procedure as last year. On our way to the Extreme Sport Week in Voss we have stopped at Munken Kro. For some obnoxious reason they have removed the Pizza from the menu, so we had to settle for the Bøf…

Frode and Helle wedding

Frode and Helle is getting married. Congratulations.

NRK Kompetanse

Talking about bloging for people at NRK today. Paul is just finishing his part….


H&M made me an offer I could not resist…. 7 pair of black rocks, 1 for each day of the week. Neatly named…. 127,- BARGAIN!!!!

New suit

Since this is something that does not happen every day, I think it is in place with a picture and some words…. It was expensive, hard to find and one of a kind. Come wedding-summer-bonanza! I am ready!

Fluid boat

No wind, as usual, so Geir is playing around with the new Fluid boat…