Night Bath at Huk

After 3 hours on a bike, what is better than a fresh bath in the Oslo Fjord….


One hell of a ride though Nordmarka, starting with the Culture trail, before climbing up to Kamphaug and riding the MotherTrail to Øyungen. Ending the mayhem riding down to Skar. Poor Asle, who had his first trip in Nordmarka today, was so tired we had to leave him lying on the ground outside a shop in Maridalen eating Snickers….

Spirit of the wild

Got the chance to watch the Spirit of the Wild exhibition again at Aker Brygge. Amazing pictures….

Sunday service

At Bygdøy…. Nice weather, but still running the risk of some serious Oslo Summer 2007 rain…..

Marlboro Country

Back again in Marlboro Country….. First time this year. Kikut next stop.

Flat tire

Jon’s turn to have a flat tire….. Finaly someone else than me.:)

Radio Triggers for Canon 580EX Flash

Shooting alot of Action Sport photos, I have been looking for a way to radio trigger my Canon 580 EX flash for a while. The ones available in stores in Norway are extremely expensive. (and probably EXTREMELY good, but then again… they better be at that price….)

A little bit of googling around took me to a shop on EBay called Johns Camera Service, that offer EXTREMELY cheap radio controllers for small flashes…

I ordered one for the total of 29 USD (that is included shipping to Norway)… My hopes wasn’t very high, I must admit…

But today the box arrived in my mailbox.
Two working days after I ordered them from HONG KONG! Impressive it is.

They are working flawless in my experiments, but I haven’t really been able to test them shooting extreme sports yet.
Looking forward to that.

The range seem to be about 30 meters.

Pictures from China

The Great Wall - China

In a nice flow with getting my pictures from the Asia trip out on the web now. These are the last ones from China :)

My China Flickr Set

Flickr China SlideShow

Pictures from Jordan

Spending the Night, Wadi Rum - Jordan

Cleaning out my closet, moving my pictures from Gallery to Flickr, I realized that I haven’t put the pictures from last years trip to Jordan on the web. Well… here they are :)

My Jordan Flickr Set

Flickr SlideShow

The day after…..

Stians bachelor party is over…. Pretty dark morning in the Lavo….

Bridge jumping

After rafting all day. Stian is ready ten jump of a bridge :-)

Bachelor party

Stian is on his way to his own bachelor party….. And he doesn’t have a clue….. He thinks we are going to a non excisting wakeboard arrangement in Lillehammer….

Vettakollen uphill

I have really forgotten how hard this trip is…. Killing me softly…..

New toy

I just bought myself a Lama V3 helicopter….. Fun!

Hong Kong Pictures

Here are the pictures from my two days in Hong Kong this Easter….

Watch the set on Flickr.

Watch the slideshow on Flickr

Hong Kong Island
Begger - Hong Kong