Releasing the Leopard…..

Eastern Promises

Movie of the year!!! Go watch it!!!!!


Reunion from high school. Fun evening.


Home at last…… Getting ready for the 15-years-since-high-school-Reunion tonight.

Delays, Sigve in Dagbladet and Hans Rosling

After spending the day at Thon Hotel Triaden Lørenskog (a really SHITTY hotel BTW) listening to some shrink-crap about how we should organize our department at NRK, I have headed for Gardermoen to go home to Trondheim for the weekend. Of course there is a lot of fog, and my flight has been delayed for 3 hours.

So here I am. Reading about Siggen in Dagbladet, and watching a brilliant video from a TED Talk with Hans Rosling.

Hans Rosling is a professor in international health at Karolinska Institutet and has a mind blowing demonstration on how developing countries are pulling themselves out of poverty. A real entertainer and storyteller, using his Trendalyzer software, to make all the numbers understandable for people like me.

A must see!!!

I have also borrowed the NRKbeta Ipod Touch and is playing around with it. Brilliant little toy.


Lost in translation……

Barlinnåsen climb

Morten tried to kill me today with this insane climb uphill Barlinnåsen in Lillomarka.

NRK under siege

Lots and lots of soliders and barb wire at NRK today…… Pretending that the terrorists have arrived.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

I sometimes wonder why the Americans are not that popular in Iraq. This is just sick.

The eagle has trashed

The Eagle has once again trashed his drop-out.


Eating Gratinert kyllingmix delux at KaffekoppKafè

Water crisis

Since the water in Oslo is as safe as the water in Chad at the moment, we have decided to fill up our camebacks with bottled water. Geir and Morten is preparing for the prettiest bike ride in Nordmarka.

China Power Station

Visiting Astrup Fearnley today. Strange exhibition……


Crazy Kobberhaugen. Had a fantastic tour today from Frognersetra via Kobberhaugen to Bjørnsjøen and a new trail to Kamphaug and down to Hammern. Fantastic.

Right brain or Left brain

What way does the girl spin (Click the picture to see the animation)?

Clockwise or counter clockwise?

There is no way I can get here to spinn any other way than clockwise…. Meaning I am right brain….