Happy New Year

In the scrub I am Legend…. (insanely amounts of scrubs this year)

Bjørn in Aftenposten

Bjørn is in Aftenposten among all the other young talents….

Best bread ever

Haha…. A bread came out of the machine…..


Bread baking machine in the house….. Lol… So much fun!


Vors at Tommen and Grethe’s!

Facebook ID Bizarre Google Experiment

In all computer systems items have ID’s. This is an unique identifier for each item stored in the systems database.

Bored as I am, I did a google search on my own unique Facebook ID to find out what else in this world have the same number as me…

Facebook is after all where we live our new social media crap lives, and therefor the ID they have given you can be seen (or at least I do in this little experiment) as your internett Social Security number .

Me, Myself and I

My Facebook ID is: 767495121

A Google search reveals the following:

Hit 1: Derma DuDress Film Top Island Dressing

One hit. Only ONE hit. I have only one digital brother out there, and it turns out it’s the “Derma DuDress Film Top Island Dressing” at MSN Shopping (What the HELL is that anyway)

The Others

A little disappointed on what I found on my own number, I did a couple of searches on some friends of mine:

Internet-Social-Media-Ãœber-Guru, Mr Øyvind Solstad:

Facebook ID: 521285702

The Google Search returning 5 hits on the bastard:

Hit one: Dynevest at QXL
Hit two: Øyvinds Spock profile (or acctually a link to his Facebook profile at his Spock profile)
Hit three and four: The buyer and seller of the Dynevest at Google hit one. So this two doesn’t really count!
Hit five: An image in the archive very-smart–amateurs—1 over at GNDindex that unfortunately, is not available. (This one counts 😉 )

Next out is another Colleague…

My Colleague : Gunnar Garfors.

Facebook ID: 614847673

The Google Search returns one hit. This hit, however, is pretty interresting.

Hit one: You Tube video: Pretty Fly For A White Guy, Clean Feed

It is nothing at the page linking Gunnars ID to this page, but if you examine the source code, you will find that there is some data stored there that tells you who linked to this video.

Turns out Gunnars Facebook profile links to this video, and the video has been accessed 8 times from this link…. Exciting!!!

My good friend Dr. Fuglem:

Facebook ID: 655630218

The Google Search returns one hit:

Hit one: LDAS-WA1647262 769099851 gmendell createRDS pass 1.438 0.281 0.68 …

Bjørn’s Internet Twin seems to be a number in a log from a company called caltech.edu…. LOL… If that isn’t the most boring result ever. To make the result even more boring, it is not possible to find the ID in the logfile at all… Talk about bummer!

Well… that was the result of the Bynesian jury. If you want to check your Facebook ID, cut and paste the number behind “id=” in the URL when standing on you Facebook profile page. Paste it in the Google search field.

If you half as bored as I am Christmas time, post the result as a comment on this post… 😉

(All searches made with www.google.com, US-version)


I found it!!!! For the first time in recorded christmas history! A very good start indeed….

Here we go….

The party has started…..

Motorpsykkel Video

Here are a couple of videos from Motorpsykkels concert at Blæst in Trondheim yesterday.

Svartlamon Hardkor

Pretty insane entertainment between the two Motorpsykkel sets…..


Motorpsykkel in concert. Blæst. Trondheim.

Driving home for christmas

On our way home….. By car….. Clever us!

Alex sushi

This place never seem to disappoint me. Insanely good…..