Automatic geo-tagging in WordPress from Nokia N95

Since Nokia Beta Labs just released a brilliant little program called Location Tagger, I have configured my WordPress blog to automatically geo tag my blog posts.

Nokia Location Tagger starts when I activate the camera on my Nokia N95, connecting to the satellites, getting my position. This position is written to the EXIF info on the jpg pictures, that I publish to my blog via e-mail, directly from the phone.

So now all my blog posts will have Geo Tagging, without me even thinking about it… :)

(The picture above showing Marienlyst School, the view from my office.)


To make this work with WordPress, I have made som changes in the postie-functions.php file. This is probably pretty dirty code, but it works like a glove. Feel free to edit, comment and improve.
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Making Smoothie

We are making smoothie with the new kick-ass blender….

Monsen success and “DAB is tot”

Good to work at NRKbeta today.

Tremendous success with putting Lars Monsens “Nordkalotten 365″ as a torrent (making it to

It also seems like we are finally getting rid of DAB (At least the Germans are)

Pictures from my trip to South-East Asia

Here are my photos from me and Mr. Norlands trip through south-east Asia in December.

See all my pictures from South-East Asia.


Killing some time in Lillehammer before returning to Oslo. Freezing here, or winter as it is also known as.

On my way to Hafjell

Buss from Lillehammer to Hafjell….

NSB Komfort

On my way to Hafjell to teach Conax about life, the univers and a DRM free way of life…. :)

New Lense – Canon EF 16-35 2.8L Mark II

Have been testing my new Canon EF 16-35 2.8L Mark II for a while, and must say I am really happy with it. Now I just need a full frame camera :)

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Leaving Hemsedal

Blue skies, sunny and powder in the slopes…. Yet we are leaving Hemsedal for now…. Maybe not the best decision….


Øyvind is preparing Taco. We have a lot of Taco….

Two old men on Snowboard

Spending the day on Snowboard together with mr Flesjø. Lots of wind in the Hemsedal Mountains.

Dead And Buried

DAB is hopefully on it’s way down the drain….

Dinner at Hemsedal

Two chefs are making dinner for us in our cabin. Luxury!

On our way to Hemsedal

Seminar weekend in Hemsedal….

Mean machine

Time to leave Finse. Mayhem today as well. Extremely bad conditions for kiting.