English or Norwegian – Engelsk eller Norsk?

It’s been a while since I switched this blog from Norwegian to English, and I am quite curious to hear what you people that read my blog, think about the language option.

There are pros and cons on both an English blog and a Norwegian blog. The English one reaching out to a lot of people, while the Norwegian one being easier to write due to the fact that my native language is Norwegian.

That’s why I have put up a Poll for you guys to decide. Feel free to leave a comment as well…

For nesten 2 år siden bytta jeg språk her på HappyGoLucky fra Norsk til Engelsk, og jeg er rett og slett litt usikker på hvordan det funker og hva dere som leser bloggen min synes om det.

Det er fordeler og ulemper med både Norsk og Engelsk. På Engelsk når jeg ut til mange flere, men jeg på Norsk vel kan ha gleden av å ordlegge meg litt lettere i og med at Norsk tross alt er morsmålet….

Derfor har jeg satt opp en liten avstemning slik at dere kan være med å påvirke språket her på Happy…. Kommentarer i kommentarfeltet mottas også med takk.


Pictures from Lillevann, Haugastøl

Lillevann, Haugastøl

Had a nice session both kiting and taking pictures on Saturday. Some of the pictures turned out pretty nice… 😉

See the set of pictures at my SmugMug account.


Strong winds and closed roads. Today we kite at Lillevann….


Since the road into the mountains is closed, we are hitching a ride with the Snowmobile to Nygårsvann.


Trying to get to Haugastøl….

Stuck at Geilo

Someone has decided to close the road between Geilo and Haugastøl. Lucky us….


Eating and drinking at Lorry with the usual crew…..

Getting out of asylum

Finally I am well enough to leave the house. Taking a stroll at Bygdø….

On fire….

The Flu. 40 degrees celsius sick. Sux….

One of those days

This sunday started off as Saturday ended. No wind at all…. Just before we where about to pack our stash, God decided to go Snowkiting, and flipped the wind-switch to ON.

Perfect day at Lægreid going to all the mountain tops nearby… Above is a little mobile video shot by the brilliant Mr Aarseth… Me and the Goggs speeding down from a mountain top…

Old Men Cruising…


Light wind session

Light wind at Ørteren today. Had to walk from the middle of the lake back to the cars….


Hyundai Tucson

Borrowing a car for the weekend from Bærum Auto. The Navigation system is useless however….