Fremmed Rase

This is the best to come out of the Rap-Scene in Trøndelag in av VERY VERY VERY long time.

Enjoy volks!!!

(Thanks to mr. Fuglem for the tip)

Christmas decorations

Oslo have had only 2 days with snow so far this winter, so it is important to have nice christmas decorations to remind us that christmas is close. 😉 This picture was taken overlooking Valkyrien plass in Oslo. (And it is complete darkness outside due to someones brilliant idea to leave from NRK at 0800 for a 2 day seminar at Spa center…. That’s what happens when girls run the show ….)


Mari is cooking…. I am impressed….

Sony Bravida paint Ad

This is old news to some, but nevertheless there are people out there not realizing that this is REAL paint. The commercial Ad itself is pretty amazing, and watching the “Making of” you realize how crazy both the idea and the going through with the idea really is.

Watch the Making of the Ad:

More snacks from the same campaign:

Brilliant advertising

This is some of the best advertising I have ever seen in a presidential campaign… I wonder if it is real…

Margaret Thatcher Illusion

Just came across this great little illusion. Looking at the up-side-down picture at the top, your brain doesn’t really notice that something is VERY wrong. Flipping the picture, it is fairly easy to notice that Maggie doesn’t look quite the way she is supposed to….:)

Pictures from the Middle East

I just finished processing my pictures from the Middle East. My Jerusalem / West Bank pictures you can find there:

Pictures from The Middle East 2006

Pictures from Jordan and Egypt will come soon…


Just came across thees VERY interesting creatures. Theo Jansen is an artist and kinetic sculptor who makes this robots/wind-machines/art-installations that are able to “walk” by wind power, also known as Animaris. Really fascinating.

BMW liked it, and have made this commercial featuring Mr. Jansen:

Read more and see more videos:

Animaris @YouTUBE

Thanks to Kiim for tipping me about Animaris (without even knowing it 😉 )

More Banksy

The Main Man Mr. Banksy has held an exhibition in LA: “Barely Legal”

Read more about it and see the hilarious pictures at SUPERTOUCH


After spending some time around the apartheid wall in Palestine, you see a lot of nice graffiti on this wall. A friend of mine pointed out to me that many of these nice drawings are made by a British graffiti artist named Banksy. On his web page you can see a lot of his work on the apartheid wall:

Banksy’s in the West Bank

This morning Eirik came up with a link from a brilliant stunt that Banksy pulled off in Disneyland. Dressing up an inflatable full size human doll in an Guantanamo inmate suite inside the Big Thunder Mountain Ride….. I am laughing my ass off…

Read more about the stunt.

The hooded Guantanamo inmate seems to have become a favorite of Mr. Banks:

See more at