More pictures from Brazil

We took another flash-session in the Cuipe Lagoon. This is the result.

Cumbuco and surrounding areas

A little round-up with all the places and spots we have visited during the last 3 weeks.

Last day

Last day in Cumbuco. We leave kite-paradise at 1700…. Everything comes to an end…

Here is a little video to remind ourselves how nice this trip have been. For the second year in a row, we tricked Sigve into getting on stage during a Montilla Rum show at Ceara Music Festival. Great fun….

Last night

We just found a dutch run Thai restaurant in Cumbuco. Very good food!


We are visiting the factory where they make Greenish clothing…. Very cheap surf-style clothes….


This year there is a new kind of Breakfast: Yogurt and musli.

Norwegian party

The usual Norwegian Barbecue party in Cumbuco.


Due to a pretty high pressure from Friends and Family regarding MORE bikini girls pictures from Brazil, I now have the pleasure to present a 6 minute long video from the Best Kiteboarding Bikini Girls Party in Cumbuco.

The video was shot very very late in the evening, and the movie maker seems to be influenced by the words of Robert Capa:

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

(Ståle and Stian: This one is for you)


Last night, this guy suddenly came along…..


Car just broke down…. In Taiba…. Far from home…. Suddenly black smoke came from the engine…. Luckily Sigve, who turned out to be quite a mechanic, pointed out to us that it was some unimportant part that had broke, so no we continue the ride home…. The steering has on Servo any more, but what the hell… Happy go lucky…. :)


Bjørn is watching some braindead tv series from the United States of Fat People.

Today we once again did the downwinder from Cumbuco to Paracuru…. 4 hours straight. Some of the best waves I have ever kited in…. It is impossible to describe the feeling, surfing toeside down a big wave, looking back over your shoulder seeing the tracks from your boards cutting through the big wave rising behind you, hoping there is enough water left before the beach, and that you have positioned your kite so that it will be able to pull you away from the beachbreak…. Heavenlike.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, a shitload of seals and big curious turtles suddenly appeared…. The seals being BIGGER than me…. I very seldom think I am going to suffer from stroke caused by fear when kiting, but when the first Seal appeared 5 meters from my board today, I was pretty certain I would. 2 meter long Seals, coming to the surface to breath, makes a hell of a noise… Intimidating, but luckily, not very dangerous…..

As the lagoonas get more and more crowded, we are riding more and more waves…. Enjoying every second of it.
Waves are the new flatwater :)

Angels and demons

Just finished another Dan Brown pulp fiction: “Angels and Demos”…. This seems to be a tradition in Brazil, taking under consideration that I read “The DaVinci Code” last year.


We are eating at a restaurant in Cumbuco. The couple at the table next to us decided to REALLY make out….

Another day in the waves

Today we have been riding some seriously nice waves again. The picture showing Sigve Botnen on his new surfboard. La Vita E Bella!!!

Toilet paper

One of the odd things about developing countries: Flavored toilet paper. Bjørn, who was responsible for shopping today, chose Apple. Good choice that was.