Heggae Bar

We are having drinks at the Reggae Bar after a great day with nice wave riding and a good flatwater session in the Taiba laguna.


In Brazil you need cash…. Cash is not easily obtained…. We have a favourite ATM at a Texaco gas station in Fortaleza…. Armed guard. Atm always working. Open 24/7. Flawless….

Best Girl contest

A bizarre party…. Free drinks all night. Lots of kiters. Auction. And finally…. The Best bikini girl contest….

Brazil and Iceland

Just published some photos from our trip to Iceland and some recent photos from Brazil. Press the Photos to go to the Gallery. Enjoy!!

The program

This is our program for today.

Best party

Today there is a Best demonstation on the beach…. Later there is a party….


We have been shoping at our favourite mall, Iguatemi in Fortaleza… We made a little video from that happening..

Taiba and Cauipe Laguna

A little video from the Taiba and Cuipe Laguna.

Forca Tactica

This years dead man we just saw lying in a pit of blood in the road between Fortaleza and Cumbuco. The guy had obviously run from the police, and Forca Tactica had shot and killed him… Bjørn, who drove the car suddenly said: “Damn… a dead guy… No flash now Marius”, watching me raise my camera! :) Business as usual in Fortaleza…

(The video is VERY crapy… but if you look carefully, you can se the corpse lying in the lower left corner…)


Just got delivery from Norway…. Waterskies. I think we will be the heroes of the Laguna today. Hadlow watch out….


We have stopped in the middle of a junction, in the middle of the favela between Cumbuco and Fortaleza. Here there is a barbecue stand selling sticks with meat for the hilarious price of 1 Real. (3 Nok) Since this is not the best of neighbourhoods, we’re always happy when the owner of the grill welcomes us with the usual handshake and thumbs up. When in Rome……

New restaurant

We’re checking out a new restaurant. Bjørn is of course a little “Skeptisk”


Spending some hours in the sun…. Relaxing.

Ruben Lenten

This is Ruben Lenten.

Today one of the best kiters in the world showed up in the laguna. I usually find new school kiting pretty boring to watch…. This session was not. Sky high and very powerfull handlepasses and kiteloops, combined with the coolest kitestyle ever, made our Pro’s look like sacred ladies on the water…. Ruben kicked some serious ass….


Eating at a French run Posada. Lobster for 60 Nok…. Delicious!