….. Las Vegas. Tonight we leave for Atlanta.:)

CES Feeling

Made a little video walking out of the Las Vegas Convention Center…. :) It has been very nice weather here today, but tomorrow is supposed to be much colder. “Snowstorms from Canada” the weather forcasters can tell us on Fox News… Lovely

Lovin Las Vegas

We finally got to Las Vegas… Here is a little video showing how life the last 24 hours have been….

Bagage problems

Everything seemed to work out perfectly well… until Nico’s bag didn’t show up at the bagage pickup… So now we are waiting


A little update from our trip over the Atlantic ocean. Iceland Air have been quite an experience. After almost starving us to death for hours, it turned out they only had Vegetarian food left when they finally served us…. (We being seated on row 35, that happens to be the last possible row to be seated in).

After some arguing I ended up with Lasagna, and Nico got Reindeer from First class that turned out to be Salmon.

Flying over Greenland and Hudson bay was quite impressing. Now we are a bit tired and confused, after flying in constant sunset for 7 hours. Minneapolis Airport is Mini-USA. Ståle is on his Computer checking his own homeland security, while Nico is trying to sleep on a bench. (Nico already being VERY impressed by the Land Of The Fat, and the way they do things around here! :)

Vegas is next!


On Keflarvik, Iceland. Minneapolis is next stop.

On our way to Vegas

The Crew is ready for departure to Las Vegas, USA, and the Consumer Electronic Show 2007. Right now at Gardermoen AirPort. Flying to Keflarvik, Iceland, Minneapolis, USA before landing in Las Vegas…

Hopefully there will be lots of new and interesting gadgets to see, feel and smell at the CES this year.

Bon Voyage to us!!!