Lars Berger the sucker

You are pretty stupid if you don’t get that you are on camera, when being filmed in a car. GO Lars Berger.

Waiting for the wind

Yesterday was Ragnarock, today it’s no wind at all…. Welcome to Finse.


The boys in the hood 😉


It is pretty obvious that Ronny isn’t working in the kitchen at Finse 1222 anymore…. The dinner here at Snowjam 2007 was a real disaster. Pretty chocking that a hotel with the reputation that Finse 1222 has, is serving food this bad. We ended up eating spaghetti with ketchup… and even the spaghetti was over cooked.

Da Pink Shit

This is what the fuzz is all about.

Earlier today I had the chance to try on Bjørn Kaupang’s new Pink ski-suite from his sponsor Norröna.



SnowJam 2007 @ Finse

Today it is Mayhem outside, so we have been “softing” in the sofa, eating cake and drinking coffee.

Yesterday we were at Ørteren on Hardangervidda testing a 8mm FishEye lens I have borrowed from Kim

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Å når det blæs som værst om toppan!!!

Det er dag 0 på SnowJam…. Det ser ut til å blåse svært variabelt og sikten er ikke all verden. Blir spennende dette….