Pizza Grandiosa

The Cafeteria at the Norwegian Broadcasting is, as some of you might have understood already, NOT my favorite Cafeteria.

Today it kinda all got out of hand:

Big posters advertising for Pizza Grandiosa’s new Pizza, “Full pakke” is what met us for Lunch today.

The Cafeteria where I work, got the shittiest pizza on earth for free, puts up BIG adverts for it, AND: Sells it for 25 kroner a piece. (A piece being a quarter pizza)

SUCKERS!!!! What about trying to make some real good, tasty, cheap food instead of serving us this CRAP?????

Prawn Crackers

Last night we made “Tom Ka Kai” soup, and tried to make Prawn Crackers for the first time…


Tasty thai

New thai restaurant in Oslo. Very very good food.

Åpent bakeri

Breakfast at Åpent Bakeri.