Denne bloggposten kunne teoretisk sett både hatt navnet “3-stjerners” og “Jeg har blitt gal…” Jeg gikk for det første :)

Hva skal man si… Det har blitt litt venting i det siste… :)

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Will It Blend?

Came across this very interesting commercial scoop from BlendTec the other day. BlendTec is a company that manufactures blenders for use in the kitchen.

As part of their advertising they put up a web page, www.willitblend.com, where they publish videos of things they try to blend in their blenders. They also put all their videos out on YouTube and Revver.

Needless to say, this has been a HUGE success on both YouTube.com and Revver.com, with the “Will it blend? IPod” video alone having over 2,9 million plays at YouTube.

Enjoy! 😉

Tnx to Eirik

Nissan Qashqai

Pretty cool commercial from Nissan!

(Tnx to Jarle)

Todays picture

Devil in the skies….

(via www.digg.com)

Someone Please STOP me

I am sayin!!!! PhotoBooth is addictive!!!!


We are having fun with the Sledge at “Korketrekkeren”. Mari with the biggest laughter-kick ever :)

Grand Theft Coca

Coca Cola pulls off a pretty neat Grand Theft Auto like commercial… Well done :)

Brilliant advertising

This is some of the best advertising I have ever seen in a presidential campaign… I wonder if it is real…

New Toy (AGAIN)

Mr. Hauge as yet again bought a new toy from his friends at NAKShop. Bigger. Faster. Funnier! 😉

Beat BOX

It’s Lasses day today… Nice Idea. Very well performed.

Devil Ducky

Had to post this little video. Stunning performance. Press the picture to see the video.

(Tnx to Studiosilhuett for tips)

Radio controlled helicopter

Morten Hauge, KING of toys for boys, have bought a radio controlled helicopter from NakShop in Oslo. FUN FUN FUN