Here are some pictures from our week-end at Haugastøl. Due to lack of wind on Saturday, Bjørn Fuglem and Arne Georg Eide Dokken decided to try out the Road Gap in Ørterdalen.


For Terje (That hate us jumping over the road): This time it was perfectly safe. Naima was blocking the road uphill (Not the actual picture), and there were Warning triangles at both sides of the road! So, now you can sleep well at night anyway 😉 )

… and for the Kids: Don’t try this at home. Mr. Bear and AG are PRO’s!!

SnowJam 2007 @ Finse

Today it is Mayhem outside, so we have been “softing” in the sofa, eating cake and drinking coffee.

Yesterday we were at Ørteren on Hardangervidda testing a 8mm FishEye lens I have borrowed from Kim

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Are you looking at me?

New year at Haugastøl

Today is New Years Eve…. We have had a great day in the mountains with great snow, sun, stabil wind, and lots of quality kiting. Tonight it’s party time :)


Mari helping out in the kitchen at Haugastøl.

Bjørn Fuglem, on Life, The Universe and Kiting in Rain

Today was as the picture in my last post shows, NOT a very good day for snowkiting. Bjørn Fuglem comments on this tragic day…

Kite mayhem

Today sucks…. Rain. Strong wind. Zero visibility.

First day of SnowKiting this season


This is by far the best first-season day I have ever had on snow. The wind was a little bit variable, but always enough for my 12 m Naish Torch II. Sunny, Blue skies, powder… Watch the video, and you will get the idea 😉


This weekend we have been at Haugastøl, bicycling “Rallarvegen” from Haugastøl to Flåm. A very nice tour trough one of the finest landscapes in Norway (And in the world for that matter :) ) We kinda cheated by taking the train to Finse, bypassing the uphill climb from Haugastøl to Finse… The 55 km trip still took 4.5 hours, wich was more than enough.

Highest point on Rallarvegen is Fagervatn at 1342 meters above sea level. From that point, its (almost) only downhill to Flåm, situated at sea level…

The nature at Hardangervidda in the autumn is extremely beautiful… Waterfalls, lakes, mountains and all the colours you can imagine…

Afterwards, relaxing at the pier in Flåm is an excellent idea.

…and… there is always time for some sightseeing…. :)

… here with the Troll at Dyranut.


Finaly at Haugastøl again. Liv has made us delicious dinner, and tomorrow we will be bicycling down “Rallarveien”