Brazil and Iceland

Just published some photos from our trip to Iceland and some recent photos from Brazil. Press the Photos to go to the Gallery. Enjoy!!

Icelandair breakfast

Company: Icelandair
Meal: Breakfast
What: Egg, ham, bread, potato.
Price: Included.
Verdict: Quite OK. The potatos was definite not a winner, but otherwise ok. Points for the hot and fresh bread.


Time to return to Norway for a quick shower and to repack my stash. Leaving for Brazil tomorrow morning. :)

White Russian

Of my fucking God…… 2 White Russians…… 300 norwegian kroner…. (50 usd) This is INSANE!!!


After eating sushi for the ridiculous amount of 1000 norwegian kroner, we are now enjoying drinks at the famous “Kaffibaren”.


Let there be no doubt…. Iceland is extremely expensive…. Eating lunch: Here you can have pasta that costs 320 norwegian kroner…. WTF!?


Back at the Salvation Army in Reykjavik…. This however is “Hallgrimkyrkja”

Stokkur geysir

Final stop before returning to Reykjavik is the Stokkur geysir. Magnificent. Erupting every 4-5 minute, this is the most reliable geysir in the world.


Early morning, and we just arrived at Gullfoss. Waterfall and breakfast.


Yet another day at the saga-island has come to an end, and we are ready for a good nights sleep in our sleeping bags…. In the comfy front seat of our very small car. This day has offered lots and lots of crazy nature, finishing a perfect day with some insane Nothern light on the sky this very moment…. Tomorrow Geysir and Gullfoss is scheduled, before we hit the town in Reykjavik tomorrow night. :)


Great Icelandic chocolate.


We are on our way to the small town of Höfn on the south coast of Iceland. Kind of like driving through a fairytale….

Rise and shine

After sleeping 8 hours straight in the front seat of the car, we woke up to this…. Jökulasarlon that is.


Since we are in the middle of nowhere, we have found a perfect place to camp…. in the tiny gay car…. Think the view tomorrow morning will be spectacular….


We just stopped at the world’s most expensive Diner. 160 nok for a one-person pizza…. Welcome to Iceland. Did I mention that we are in the middle of nowhere…. Systrakaffi cafe in Kirkjubæjarklaustri…. Try saying that ten times in a row! :)