Vi tok første del av påsken i telt på Hardangervidda for å finslipe teltrutinene våre.

Vi er offisielt nå det best forberedte laget til VAKE.

Kite at Haukeli

40 cm with fresh Powder at Haukeli is pretty awesome. No wind is not….

Waiting for the wind

Yesterday was Ragnarock, today it’s no wind at all…. Welcome to Finse.


It is pretty obvious that Ronny isn’t working in the kitchen at Finse 1222 anymore…. The dinner here at Snowjam 2007 was a real disaster. Pretty chocking that a hotel with the reputation that Finse 1222 has, is serving food this bad. We ended up eating spaghetti with ketchup… and even the spaghetti was over cooked.

Da Pink Shit

This is what the fuzz is all about.

Earlier today I had the chance to try on Bjørn Kaupang’s new Pink ski-suite from his sponsor Norröna.



SnowJam 2007 @ Finse

Today it is Mayhem outside, so we have been “softing” in the sofa, eating cake and drinking coffee.

Yesterday we were at Ørteren on Hardangervidda testing a 8mm FishEye lens I have borrowed from Kim

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Kari Schibevaag – “Olden Boble” photo shoot

Last weekend at Hardangervidda, I shot some photos of Kari Schibevaag, who needed some pictures for her sponsor Olden Boble.

Using a flash in the beautiful sun on Hardangervidda this early a year is a killer :)

Pretty happy with the result :)

…and what a day it was….

After some waiting the wind came :) 15 m/s… Powder and blue skies. Go big, or go home…. :)


Just came across this one…. The picture is taken from the the ass-shaking celebrity Mira Craigs blog… It shows the Kite-mafia bosses Mr. Hauge, Mr. Norland and Mr. Dons hanging out on celebrity parties, eating, drinking and mingling…. all for free!! 😉

(Thanks to mr. Fuglem for enlightening me)

Bjørn Fuglem, on Life, The Universe and Kiting in Rain

Today was as the picture in my last post shows, NOT a very good day for snowkiting. Bjørn Fuglem comments on this tragic day…

Kite mayhem

Today sucks…. Rain. Strong wind. Zero visibility.

First day of SnowKiting this season


This is by far the best first-season day I have ever had on snow. The wind was a little bit variable, but always enough for my 12 m Naish Torch II. Sunny, Blue skies, powder… Watch the video, and you will get the idea 😉


First day. Looking very good.

Update: Entropy OUT NOW!!

(Link to YouTUBE video)

The first New-School snowkite movie ever is out. Morten Gjerstad has done a really good job, shooting the entire movie in HD, making the movie a must have for both Kiters and HD-lovers :)

Movie can be bought here:


Cumbuco and surrounding areas

A little round-up with all the places and spots we have visited during the last 3 weeks.