Pictures from the AVN Adult Expo 2007

As always… here are some pictures from this years most bizarre experience… :)

Pictures from the AVN Adult Expo 2007 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, USA



….. Las Vegas. Tonight we leave for Atlanta.:)

AVN Adult Expo 2007

Same procedure as every year… Pictures are coming soon…

For now, you can enjoy this little video… Remember: It is ART!!!

Here are some pictures taken this year as well.


Tonight we have been eating at Hooters… Amazing…


Bodies exhibition

The Bodies exhibition is showing at the Tropicana hotel. This was pretty sick.


Breakfast. The absurd thing is that a sub is more expensive than the whole buffet experience….

Day 1 over

Tired and still very very jet-lagged… Have been editing some clips for NRKBeta… It’s 10 o’clock, and I am dead tired. Soon it’s time for bed. The hotel on the picture is Excalibur… My humble home away from home….

Breakfast Buffet


We had the pleasure? to eat breakfast at one of Las Vegas famous Buffes… This is insane, and might explain why Americans have a slight problem with overweight…. :)

The Strip

Preparing for the big day tomorrow. Walking the strip, taking in the atmosphere of the Sin City. Impressive Pepsi commercial, and the worst name for a Asian restaurant ever. :)


Since the CES doesn’t start until tomorrow, we have spent the day shopping at the Las Vegas Outlet Center…. Ridiculously cheap everything, amongst ridiculously FAT Americans. Some of these people are so fat they would be on display in Europe.

Lovin Las Vegas

We finally got to Las Vegas… Here is a little video showing how life the last 24 hours have been….

Bagage problems

Everything seemed to work out perfectly well… until Nico’s bag didn’t show up at the bagage pickup… So now we are waiting

Leaving Las Vegas

Litt av en flytur dette. Først får man et bra overblikk over Las Vegas stripp, før man deretter flyr over Grand Canyon og Rockie Mountains.