Kite at Haukeli

40 cm with fresh Powder at Haukeli is pretty awesome. No wind is not….


Spending the weekend at Ekkje’s cabin in Røldal.

NRK Sogn og Fjordane

Meeting at “NRK Sogn og Fjordane” in Førde.

Norwegian party

The usual Norwegian Barbecue party in Cumbuco.

Norway HATES Israel

According to the biggest Israeli newspaper,Yedioth Ahronoth, who is quoting a highly ranked source in the Israeli foreign department, Norway is the most anti-Israeli country in the world… I wonder why….


Morten has done a hell of a job with the upcoming snowkite movie: Entropy. Being shot entirely in HD, this movie is a real eye-candy. Take a look at for details one the premiere date and how to buy it.

In the mean time you can enjoy this little trailer in real 720p Windows Media HD (right click and “Save As” to download, 25 MB)


Wind from south-east means perfect kite conditions at “Verket”. 2 very nice hours on the water :) Got to try my new F-One Demon board for the first time…. Kick-ass board!


This weekend we have been at Haugastøl, bicycling “Rallarvegen” from Haugastøl to Flåm. A very nice tour trough one of the finest landscapes in Norway (And in the world for that matter :) ) We kinda cheated by taking the train to Finse, bypassing the uphill climb from Haugastøl to Finse… The 55 km trip still took 4.5 hours, wich was more than enough.

Highest point on Rallarvegen is Fagervatn at 1342 meters above sea level. From that point, its (almost) only downhill to Flåm, situated at sea level…

The nature at Hardangervidda in the autumn is extremely beautiful… Waterfalls, lakes, mountains and all the colours you can imagine…

Afterwards, relaxing at the pier in Flåm is an excellent idea.

…and… there is always time for some sightseeing…. :)

… here with the Troll at Dyranut.


Finaly at Haugastøl again. Liv has made us delicious dinner, and tomorrow we will be bicycling down “Rallarveien”