Pizza Grandiosa

The Cafeteria at the Norwegian Broadcasting is, as some of you might have understood already, NOT my favorite Cafeteria.

Today it kinda all got out of hand:

Big posters advertising for Pizza Grandiosa’s new Pizza, “Full pakke” is what met us for Lunch today.

The Cafeteria where I work, got the shittiest pizza on earth for free, puts up BIG adverts for it, AND: Sells it for 25 kroner a piece. (A piece being a quarter pizza)

SUCKERS!!!! What about trying to make some real good, tasty, cheap food instead of serving us this CRAP?????

NRK Sogn og Fjordane

Meeting at “NRK Sogn og Fjordane” in Førde.

Seminar Holmsbu: Day 2

This is Holmsbu Spa and Conference center… Last night turned into a very late one, with both red wine and White Russian…


That kind of resulted in a slow start today…

Nevertheless… Today’s agenda is strategy and economics for the division…

Even if 10 African striptease dancers suddenly appeared on stage, this would still be extremely boring…

Firewire Multicam

Mr. Carlsen is having fun with 200 meters of CAT-5 cable, 2 FireNEX boxes and Sony PD-100 cameras… The goal is to build a Firewire multicam rig… Right now it seem to be working. That is one cheap multicam rig.

NRK Fagdag

It is “Fagdag” on NRK… a day where we can go to lectures and listen to different people talk about different things…

So far:
Imad Al-Atrach from Al-Jazeera : Very good. Interesting and informative. (As mentioned in a previous post)

Anne Kirah from Microsoft: Brilliant girl. Extremely nice to listen to someone who has really understood new media and how people use technology in their everyday lives. I want to hear MORE!! :)

Bård Tufte Johansen and Harald Eia from NRK: Funny as always, but also interesting to hear about how they use different formats when making comedy…

Steinar Bjartveit from BI: Fucking crises… WHAT IS THIS SHIT… An arrogant (almost) old man talking about CHANGE and innovation, and the only thing that feels like it need change in the room, is the man himself… Stig & Stein (actually only Stig, the bad one…) meets “Akademia”!!! HORRIFIC… (If you ever plan to hire this man to talk about ANYTHING… STAY AWAY…) I am chocked!!


Lunch at the balcony of NRK. Sunny and hot in autum-Norway :)

Guess it will be stormy again tonight…. :)