We are having fun with the Sledge at “Korketrekkeren”. Mari with the biggest laughter-kick ever :)

Bygdø Photo Safari

Last weekend we strolled around Bygdø with Jon, Kjersti and Sunniva. Here are some pictures from the strange place where winter meets ocean (or Fjord that is… :) )

Thanks to Jon, Kjersti and Mari for being models for a day :)

Bloc Party

Bloc Party (C) Roger Sargeant


Just got tickets to the “Bloc Party” concert at “Sentrum Scene” in Oslo 2. May 2007.

This will be great!
Listen to Bloc Party @ MySpace

Flying Norwegian during Christmas

This year I was stupid enough to end up buying tickets from “Norwegian Air Shuttle”.


The que from HELL, 200 NOK in overweight, the worst service minded check in staff EVER. Top that experience with the security MAYHEM at the rest of Gardemoen airport, and you’ve got yourself a perfect day of flying.


While we are at it:

Look what the bold motherfuckers are putting on now! With all other airline companies, you take it for granted that when you have corresponding flights, you can check in both yourself and your baggage ALL THE WAY to you final destination!!!


The ad saying that Norwegian is now offering this new service for their customers: For a “small” fee you get checked in all the way to your final destination!!!


For FUCK SAKE!!!! This is crap!! All other Airliners offer this for free… Why the HELL would anyone pay a FEE for something that obviously should, and IS free with all other companies???

Tasty thai

New thai restaurant in Oslo. Very very good food.


Just came across this one…. The picture is taken from the the ass-shaking celebrity Mira Craigs blog… It shows the Kite-mafia bosses Mr. Hauge, Mr. Norland and Mr. Dons hanging out on celebrity parties, eating, drinking and mingling…. all for free!! 😉

(Thanks to mr. Fuglem for enlightening me)


Mari and Ane posing together. Ane is cheating…. Wearing high heels…. 😉

Party at Ørnulfs

Ørnulf is having a party in his new apartment….


New climbing wall in Oslo. I am a bit out of shape and could barely climb a route of grade 6-…. on top-rope…


Eating at YaYas… love thai food :)


Wind at Verket. Kristian coming in after crash of the year :) Nice day tough… 3 hours on the water.

On our way

We are on our way out to kite…. Nina is driving her Gelenderwagen


The HappyGoLucky crew sends our biggest congratualtions to Mr. Norland for finaly getting his own appartment. KICKS ASS

La Casa @

Happy Go Big

We just turned Jon Ståles 24″ screen upside down. Nice.


Wind from south-east means perfect kite conditions at “Verket”. 2 very nice hours on the water :) Got to try my new F-One Demon board for the first time…. Kick-ass board!