Todays picture

Devil in the skies….



Here are some pictures from our week-end at Haugastøl. Due to lack of wind on Saturday, Bjørn Fuglem and Arne Georg Eide Dokken decided to try out the Road Gap in Ørterdalen.


For Terje (That hate us jumping over the road): This time it was perfectly safe. Naima was blocking the road uphill (Not the actual picture), and there were Warning triangles at both sides of the road! So, now you can sleep well at night anyway 😉 )

… and for the Kids: Don’t try this at home. Mr. Bear and AG are PRO’s!!

Someone Please STOP me

I am sayin!!!! PhotoBooth is addictive!!!!

Picturing London

This is the picture from, were Eirik is picturing me taking the picture...

Wednesday night we strolled around in the Kensington district in London, taking some long shutter pictures. (The picture above is actually the picture I took when Eirik, took a picture of me with his new gadget. Read more at

Follow up: Misplaced commercial banners

Following up from Yesterday’s brilliant “Forsvaret” banner. These examples are even funnier…


I guess we all know what lighting, makeup and retouching can do to a model… This little commercial from Dove shows just that…

Move your mouse over the picture to see the before/after pictures and then watch the video below to see how it’s all done :)

(Thanks to Kim for the tip)

Bygdø Photo Safari

Last weekend we strolled around Bygdø with Jon, Kjersti and Sunniva. Here are some pictures from the strange place where winter meets ocean (or Fjord that is… :) )

Thanks to Jon, Kjersti and Mari for being models for a day :)

Pictures from the AVN Adult Expo 2007

As always… here are some pictures from this years most bizarre experience… :)

Pictures from the AVN Adult Expo 2007 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, USA


Kari Schibevaag – “Olden Boble” photo shoot

Last weekend at Hardangervidda, I shot some photos of Kari Schibevaag, who needed some pictures for her sponsor Olden Boble.

Using a flash in the beautiful sun on Hardangervidda this early a year is a killer :)

Pretty happy with the result :)

Pictures from Egypt

Finally, I have edited some of my photos from Egypt. Enjoy :)

More pictures from Brazil

We took another flash-session in the Cuipe Lagoon. This is the result.

Brazil and Iceland

Just published some photos from our trip to Iceland and some recent photos from Brazil. Press the Photos to go to the Gallery. Enjoy!!

Adobe Lightroom

Testing out the new Adobe Lightroom here.

This shit is nothing but amazing when it comes to organizing and editing large collections of pictures. Together with Photoshop for retouching, this is a very powerfull package. I used Adobe Elements 4 to organize my pictures before, but now I am definitely switching to Lightroom.

I had no idea you could do the stuff to pictures, that this software enables you to. Shocking!