The “Wow” starts Now

Microsoft Windows Vista is launching… the slogan in English is:

The “Wow” starts Now…

(Picture from The New York Times, via

Directly translated into Norwegian the slogan is NOT that catchy… :)

New iPod

Since it’s 6 years since I got my last MP3 player, it was time to upgrade.

Meet my new 80GB Black iPod! :)

Skandiabanken crankin “up” the security

Today, my bank in Norway in witch I so far have been very satisfied with, announced that they will increase the security on their web-based-services.

THAT is a good thing.

I want my money to be safe!

They insanity lies in HOW they do this security increment:

Yesterday I recieved a PLASTIC card in the mail (the snail mail that is) with 50 random codes. One new code for every time I log into my bank.

THIS IS 2007!!!!! There ARE other ways to increase the security than sending out plastic cards to people!!!!!

But the suckers at (the Swedish owned) Skandiabanken, think that lovering the usability on their service will help them increase the security, really only ending up with pissing off a lot of customers, finally making us find better banking connections….

Update: My father just informed me, and yes it is correct: There is also the possibility to get a code sent by sms to your mobile phone. That´s better, but still a lot of hassle…

Democracy player and

Democracy player has been around for a while and everyone seem to like it…

There are several predefined channels in the player, and some of the content is OK…

But face it… This piece of software doesn’t really get interesting until you pair it up with feeds from is a webpage where you search for torrents for TV Series, and can get an RSS feed with the output of your search. This meaning that you can actually set up a Democracy channel that will be updated when a new episode of your favorite TV program is ready as a torrent.


Get Democracy player and a RSS feed for your favorite TV program.


Photoshop CS3 Public BETA is here.

I had to check out some of the new features in Photoshop CS3 BETA… Have been playing with both “Align Layers” and “Blend Layers”, but one of the “stranges” new features is the “Zoomify” feature. The example above shows a really quick combination of two pictures, using the new “Align and Blend Layer”. Finally I have exported the image with the “Zoomify” feature.

The “Zoomify” is a export option where you can export “Google Maps like” zoomable bitmaps…. meaning you can have one gargantuan BitMap picture, and allow people to zoom in it, pretty much like what google does on their Google Maps.

There are of course plenty of other new stuff in CS3 and I really can’t wait to play around with it.

New overlays in Google Earth

Just discovered that 3 new very cool overlays has appeared in Google Earth by default. The feature is names “Geographic Web”. I love this new way of browsing the web on a map. This is also the idea behing MyWorld here on HappyGoLucky :)

1. Wikipedia

Information about places, buildings and areas from

2. Panoramio

User contributed pictures that are placed anywhere in Google Earth.

3. Best of Google Earth community

Information about places, buildings and areas from Google Earth Community.

Tested a little bit on the Panoramio service. Free to register, Free to upload picture. You will find the picture I uploaded a little north of Krøderen…

Or just click on this link:


Finally… Finally… Finally!!! I have received my BRAND NEW MACBOOK PRO!!

It took 7 weeks from I ordered it, and still it is not the one i ordered, but who the hell cares… NOW IT IS HERE!!

This will be very interesting days!!

Fist of all of course… Windows XP with parallels…

New feature on Happy

I have developed a new feature for HappyGoLucky. Lately I have been working alot with Google Maps, and I find the whole system VERY fascinating…

On some posts you will now find a GoogleMaps icon attached. By clicking that icon a map will display where the post was written. :) (So now you can really track me down)

Google maps logo

I addition you will find a new link on the navigation bar on the top of the page. MYWORLD. This link will take you to a new page, where you will find all the posts with geo-codes as red markers. Putting the cursor over the markers will display the blog post on the right side… 😉

This service is in kind of a BETA state, so please give some feedback if it doesn’t work or if you have ideas on how it can be improved.

Sony Bravida paint Ad

This is old news to some, but nevertheless there are people out there not realizing that this is REAL paint. The commercial Ad itself is pretty amazing, and watching the “Making of” you realize how crazy both the idea and the going through with the idea really is.

Watch the Making of the Ad:

More snacks from the same campaign:

New Toy (AGAIN)

Mr. Hauge as yet again bought a new toy from his friends at NAKShop. Bigger. Faster. Funnier! 😉

Microsoft Vista on speed

I find the new screensaver in Microsoft Vista very cool…

Today however… it decided to go crazy… :)

That is one funny bug! :)

Adobe Lightroom

Testing out the new Adobe Lightroom here.

This shit is nothing but amazing when it comes to organizing and editing large collections of pictures. Together with Photoshop for retouching, this is a very powerfull package. I used Adobe Elements 4 to organize my pictures before, but now I am definitely switching to Lightroom.

I had no idea you could do the stuff to pictures, that this software enables you to. Shocking!

Firewire Multicam

Mr. Carlsen is having fun with 200 meters of CAT-5 cable, 2 FireNEX boxes and Sony PD-100 cameras… The goal is to build a Firewire multicam rig… Right now it seem to be working. That is one cheap multicam rig.

Margaret Thatcher Illusion

Just came across this great little illusion. Looking at the up-side-down picture at the top, your brain doesn’t really notice that something is VERY wrong. Flipping the picture, it is fairly easy to notice that Maggie doesn’t look quite the way she is supposed to….:)


Just came across thees VERY interesting creatures. Theo Jansen is an artist and kinetic sculptor who makes this robots/wind-machines/art-installations that are able to “walk” by wind power, also known as Animaris. Really fascinating.

BMW liked it, and have made this commercial featuring Mr. Jansen:

Read more and see more videos:

Animaris @YouTUBE

Thanks to Kiim for tipping me about Animaris (without even knowing it 😉 )