Førjulsferie på Haugastøl

Grunnet noe rigide regler rundt ferie, for mye ferie, ferieoverføring og overtid i statskringkastingen, ble undertegnede nødt til å tilbringe en slags førjulsferie på Haugastøl.

I grunnen helt OK det ????

Russian Embassy

Since our Visa for China is OK, Russia is what to be fixed next….

The Russian Embassy in Oslo turned out to be quite…


2 hours in line to DELIVER our passports…
Pickup in 14 days


Moscow Underground exposed

I am currently planning our trip to China, Tibet, with a stopover in Moscow on our way home.

This is how the Moscow Underground looks like if you expand it in Google Earth :) Kinda funny!

Picturing London

This is the picture from www.eirikso.com, were Eirik is picturing me taking the picture...

Wednesday night we strolled around in the Kensington district in London, taking some long shutter pictures. (The picture above is actually the picture I took when Eirik, took a picture of me with his new gadget. Read more at Eirikso.com)

English breakfast

At Heathrow airport eating English breakfast with Eirik.


My favorite Web 2.0 company is on stage here on the “Future of Web Apps” conference. www.Moo.com The Picture on the wall is from the actual packing and quality controll of the cards, every thing done manualy by hand.

Gallery seating

We got good seats at the gallery for the last day of the FOWA conference. Looking down at the crowd, its pretty interesting to see that there are more Macs than PCs….


Eating at Nero cafe.

…and you will know us….

…. by the trail of dead!!! Great concert last night at the insanely cool KOKO venue in Camden. Like being in the Moulin Rouge movie all night. (Thanks to Kim for providing the pics)

Kevin Rose

DIGG.com Wonderboy Kevin Rose just entered the stage with a glass of red wind…. Applause!!!

London Tube

Riding around with the London Tube.

Future of web apps

Day one…. Lots and lots and lots of geeks :)


Eating Indian food in Notting Hill. This is what I call a grown up glass of red wine.

The Capthorne Tara

Not very luxurious, but it will certainly do :)

Heathrow airport

Just arrived in United Kingdom. Express train from Heathrow to London