Fremmed Rase

This is the best to come out of the Rap-Scene in Tr√łndelag in av VERY VERY VERY long time.

Enjoy volks!!!

(Thanks to mr. Fuglem for the tip)


Baard Marstrand is having Vorspiel in his nice apartment. Soon we will make Trondheim city unsafe…..

Et fett och socker tils du spyr

After days and days of eating and drinking and eating and drinking even more…

I am out exercising… Taking a picture of Byneset while having a well deserved break. :)


Flowers and candles at the graveyard.

Same procedure as last year, same procedure as every year… :)

Christmas tradition

Mrs. Aasnes and I are visiting Bernt and Vibeke.

Byneset at Christmas

Visiting Stian and Linn in their new House! :)

Christmas IKEA

Stian is buying even more stash for the house. I am the destinated driver :)