Langfredag i Jerusalem

Langfredag i Jerusalem

Bostavlig talt en lang fredag her i Jerusalem. Korsvandringen ble det kaoset vi hadde håpet på / antatt. Syke mengder mennesker i vill trengsel gjennom Jerusalems gamleby. Korset bæres samme vei som Jesus angivelig bar korset, med de obligatoriske 14 stoppene på “Via Dolorosa”

Stas :)

Lars Berger the sucker

You are pretty stupid if you don’t get that you are on camera, when being filmed in a car. GO Lars Berger.


I guess we all know what lighting, makeup and retouching can do to a model… This little commercial from Dove shows just that…

Move your mouse over the picture to see the before/after pictures and then watch the video below to see how it’s all done :)

(Thanks to Kim for the tip)

Fremmed Rase

This is the best to come out of the Rap-Scene in Trøndelag in av VERY VERY VERY long time.

Enjoy volks!!!

(Thanks to mr. Fuglem for the tip)

Bodies exhibition

The Bodies exhibition is showing at the Tropicana hotel. This was pretty sick.


Breakfast. The absurd thing is that a sub is more expensive than the whole buffet experience….

CES Feeling

Made a little video walking out of the Las Vegas Convention Center…. :) It has been very nice weather here today, but tomorrow is supposed to be much colder. “Snowstorms from Canada” the weather forcasters can tell us on Fox News… Lovely

Day 1 over

Tired and still very very jet-lagged… Have been editing some clips for NRKBeta… It’s 10 o’clock, and I am dead tired. Soon it’s time for bed. The hotel on the picture is Excalibur… My humble home away from home….

Breakfast Buffet


We had the pleasure? to eat breakfast at one of Las Vegas famous Buffes… This is insane, and might explain why Americans have a slight problem with overweight…. :)

Byneset at Christmas

Visiting Stian and Linn in their new House! :)

Sony Bravida paint Ad

This is old news to some, but nevertheless there are people out there not realizing that this is REAL paint. The commercial Ad itself is pretty amazing, and watching the “Making of” you realize how crazy both the idea and the going through with the idea really is.

Watch the Making of the Ad:

More snacks from the same campaign:

Brilliant advertising

This is some of the best advertising I have ever seen in a presidential campaign… I wonder if it is real…

New Toy (AGAIN)

Mr. Hauge as yet again bought a new toy from his friends at NAKShop. Bigger. Faster. Funnier! 😉

Beat BOX

It’s Lasses day today… Nice Idea. Very well performed.

Update: Entropy OUT NOW!!

(Link to YouTUBE video)

The first New-School snowkite movie ever is out. Morten Gjerstad has done a really good job, shooting the entire movie in HD, making the movie a must have for both Kiters and HD-lovers :)

Movie can be bought here: