Pictures from China

The Great Wall - China

In a nice flow with getting my pictures from the Asia trip out on the web now. These are the last ones from China :)

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Hong Kong by night

Last night…. It is a pretty amazing view….

Park signs

This park is full of interesting signs….

Walk of pain

In this strange little park we found a walking circuit of different stone layers…. It hurts like hell, but you are supposed to feel very relaxed in your legs afterwards…. According to two christian missionarys on the same path-del-a-pain, this is a very common thing in Hong Kong…. Sic sic city :)

Victoria Park Hong Kong

We are spending the first part of this day in Victoria Park, in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. Mari is in charge of buying fruit, and strange things like “Dragon Fruit”, “Rambutan” and the more ordinary “Mango” is on the menu. Later tonight we start the journey back, heading towards Moscow.

Hong Kong by day

From -2 degrees in Lhasa, to 22 degrees in Hong Kong….and, obviously, the temperature is not the biggest change…. :)

Hong Kong overload

We just arrived in Hong Kong…. I think we both just got a real overload…. This city is sick….. Tomorrow will be exciting….

Lhasa – Chengdu

Got up very early today to go to the airport. Since nobody could tell us if the taxi ride would take 1 hour or 2 hours (it seemed to depend on if a new road was open or not) we decided to be there way before our departure time…. Just in case.

Since the taxi ride took 40 minutes, driving in 140 km/h….. We got there in time…. We actually got there before the Airport had opened…. Even before the Airport Hotel had opened (at least there where nobody in the reception….)

When the Airport finally opened, we got to wait for 2 hours in the freezing cold departure hall, before boarding…. When airborn though, the view was pretty amazing.

Now we are hanging out at Chengdu airport, waiting for our flight to Shezchen. From Shezchen we will eighter take train or boat to Hong Kong tonight. (ps. I am pretty happy with my packing…. )

Train to Lasa

We are on the train on our way to Lasa…. Heading into the Himalaya. Exciting.

Xi’an muslim quarter

Spending the day wandering around in the muslim quarter of Xi’an. Very strange combination of islamic culture and old chinese culture. Very far from the Islamic Middle East. The picture is taken inside the Great Mosque Complex.

Xi’an bicycles

Hanging out in Xi’an waiting for our permit for Tibet to get ready. Hopefully we will be able to get on a train or plane headed for Lhasa tomorrow morning.

Roasted duck

Have just eaten a great chinese meal…. The first one we have really enjoyed. Roasted duck…. or “Roasted buck” as the english menu says….

Terracotta Warriors

We have spent the day with the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an. To be honest, quite boring….

Ping Yao – Xi’an

Another night train. Another 3rd “floor” bed. ( aka. looser bed). When we wake up we will hopefully be in Xi’an, together with 6000 terracotta warriors.

Harmony Guesthouse (Ping Yao, China)

This has been our home here in Ping Yao. Very nice Guesthouse, with a very friendly staff and reasonable prices.