Blue Lagoon

Relaxing in the Blue Lagoon close to Reykjavik.

Trendy Iceland

Having drinks at trendy “Kaffibarinn”. Mari is waiting for Björk to show up…… (Same procedure as last year :) )

Mr Geysir

Visiting an old friend, mr Geysir :)

Hotel Yaris revisited

After two days in the luxury of Hostels, we are now back in the simple, but very friendly, Hotel Yaris, situated somewhere between Höfn and Vik. We have in other words moved to the southern coast of Iceland.


Visiting Jökulsärlon in fog, rain and dusk. It is still fantastic……


Hiking in the hills near Seyðisfjórður.


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We have driven all the way over to the east coast of Iceland to a small town called Seydisfjordur. Here we have checked in to the local youth hostel, wich of cource operate with Hotel prices. The good thing is that we are the only ones here at the moment, and can therefor threat this place like it is our own :)

Lunch in Egilstadr

Eating lunch at a café in Egilstadr. 250 Nok for two bagels, a juice and a coke. Mari can’t really see why I should always take a picture while she is eating……


On our way over to the Eastcoast we stopped at Dettifoss, Europes most powerfull waterfall. Lots and lots of water……

Vogafjos Café

After bathing we visited the Vogafjos café. Strange little place, where they have build a café inside a farmhouse, with windows between the café and the cows…. Sick sick Iceland. Their Geysir bread with smoked Trout was strange but good, along with the chocolate cake and Waffles with cream.

Myrvatn nature bath

Since it is pouring down and pretty windy, we have spent the day in the Myrvatn Lagoon. Hot springs, steam baths and saunas.


After riding for 3 hours, we have driven to a place called Myrvatn. We will stay here for a couple of days, relaxing and bathing in hot pots. We are even staying in something close to a hotel…… It’s actually more like a ordinary house, where the have rooms for rent, but it’s cheap (in icelandic termes) and nice. Never underestimate the luxury of sleeping in a real bed :)


I guess this is payback for promising Mari that “sure we will be horseback riding in Iceland”…… So here I am: At “Nordic Hestar”, strapped to the back of a mean mother fucker….. 3 hours of riding lies ahead……