Pit stop

Making a short pit stop at Byneset before driving to Oslo.


Dinner at Namskogan. Kjøttkak.


Visiting family in Skutvik. :)

Not too bad

We are managing. But it is a bumpy ride…..

Here we go…

Getting ready. According to the ticket man there are “some waves”…. Yeah right…..

Vestfjorden de-tour

It’s time to start the longest louney back home. First out is the pretty angry Vestfjorden…. 3 ferrys have been canceled today…. This one is supposed to run on time.

Escaping the Rain

Espresso at Bacalao in Svolvær. Outside it is pouring down. Lets get the hell out of here…..

Lofoten Troll.

Get in the line for the local Troll Boutique


Storm. Rain. Candelia cafe Hemningsvær.


Enjoying a luxurious dinner at Fiskekrogen in Henningsvær. 15 m/s outside and very rainy….. Soon we are back to the Caravelle Inn for the night…..


Extremely nice waves. Unnstad is, according to the tourist information, a surfers paradise. To bad the wind is very strong and dead off shore…..

Borge. The heart of lofoten

After almost dying from hunger, we ended up at the next door Kro to the Viking Museum….. Chees Burger, the Lofoten way….. As you may tell from the picture….. This place is NOT very crowded.


Eating breakfast at Akkarvik….. Looks like the nice weather is over for now…..

Reine, Lofoten

After crossing the calmest Vestfjorden ever, we are now in Reine at the south-west of Lofoten