Democracy player and

Democracy player has been around for a while and everyone seem to like it…

There are several predefined channels in the player, and some of the content is OK…

But face it… This piece of software doesn’t really get interesting until you pair it up with feeds from is a webpage where you search for torrents for TV Series, and can get an RSS feed with the output of your search. This meaning that you can actually set up a Democracy channel that will be updated when a new episode of your favorite TV program is ready as a torrent.


Get Democracy player and a RSS feed for your favorite TV program.


Photoshop CS3 Public BETA is here.

I had to check out some of the new features in Photoshop CS3 BETA… Have been playing with both “Align Layers” and “Blend Layers”, but one of the “stranges” new features is the “Zoomify” feature. The example above shows a really quick combination of two pictures, using the new “Align and Blend Layer”. Finally I have exported the image with the “Zoomify” feature.

The “Zoomify” is a export option where you can export “Google Maps like” zoomable bitmaps…. meaning you can have one gargantuan BitMap picture, and allow people to zoom in it, pretty much like what google does on their Google Maps.

There are of course plenty of other new stuff in CS3 and I really can’t wait to play around with it.

New overlays in Google Earth

Just discovered that 3 new very cool overlays has appeared in Google Earth by default. The feature is names “Geographic Web”. I love this new way of browsing the web on a map. This is also the idea behing MyWorld here on HappyGoLucky :)

1. Wikipedia

Information about places, buildings and areas from

2. Panoramio

User contributed pictures that are placed anywhere in Google Earth.

3. Best of Google Earth community

Information about places, buildings and areas from Google Earth Community.

Tested a little bit on the Panoramio service. Free to register, Free to upload picture. You will find the picture I uploaded a little north of Krøderen…

Or just click on this link: