Myanmar neste

Vi har blitt innvilget audiens hos “The Republic of the Union of Myanmar”

Takk for nå Bangkok! Ses senere!

Pictures from my trip to South-East Asia

Here are my photos from me and Mr. Norlands trip through south-east Asia in December.

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Leaving Thailand

At Suvarnabhhumi Airport in Bangkok, ready to depart.

Street fotball

Kind of. Someone suddenly had the brilliant idea of putting a large screen on the other side of the street from our hotel. The sales women in Khaosa Road took a break from their usual activity, (selling crap to tourists that is), having a smoke and a beer, enjoying Liverpool beat Bolton.

Broken air condition

Leaving the air condition on for 5 days on 16 degrees celcius, turned out to be one of those bad ideas…… Now it is all filled up with ice…… Luckily it’s our last night at the Rikka Inn.

Last day

Our last day in Bangkok is coming to an end. Admiring the chaos of Khaosan Road from the roof top of our hotel :-)


Shockingly handsome in my new tailor made suit :) (Notice my new Ray Ban sun glasses as well…)

Patpong night market

A lot of things to buy, not too much you really want…

Banya Tree Vertigo Sky Bar

This is by far the coolest bar I have ever been in. Big Ups to Mr. Hauge for the advice.

Wedding pictures

Sitting at a sidewalk café, this newly wed couple sat down at the table next to us. Shooting your wedding pictures at a café might be a little strange to us, but apparently kinda normal here….. :)

Long live the king

On the 6th of December the king of Thailand will be 80 years old. The preparation for the party has started.

Muay Thai

We are at Rajadamnern Stadium watching Thai boxing matches…… 10 of them actually….. The first match ended in a serious knock out, resulting in the looser leaving the ring on a stretcher. We are, as all the other tourists, seatet Ringside :-)

Bangkok bar

Literally stumbled across this strange little bar just outside Khaosan road. Only Thai people listening to a cover band we think is playing Britpop… Hard to tell really…… Next stop was a football pub where we watched Rosenborg being butchered…… Not good.


When in Bangkok…… Get a suit…

Back in Bangkok

Back in the Bangkok traffic. Quite a difference from the Saigon motor bike mayhem.